Global Aion

Server Start Events

Hello Daevas!

In celebration of the server launch, an entourage of gifts has been sent to assist our dedicated heroes on their journey of explorations through our new server.

Event validity: 06/27/2022 until 08/10/2022
Collect Aether Flame and delivered to NPCs Hapoplia or Verdine. They are located in your faction's Main town square.

But be careful! The Aether Flame will go out in 2 hours after being collected. As it is a very powerful element, each Daeva will be able to carry only 1 Aether Flame at a time. You should exchange it before that time for one of these amazing items:

  • 1. [EVENT] Gilded Candle. Increase your drop rate by 300%
  • 2. [EVENT] Emboldening Candle. Increase your DP by 2K + 10% cast speed + 10% atk speed
  • 3. [EVENT] Enlightening Candle. Increase your EXP Rate by 300%

To receive the Event Buff, use the Candle to light the Celebration Cake. By lighting your candle, all Daevas close to you will also receive the Buff! Take the opportunity to call your friends and use the bonus together.

Finding the Aether Flame

You can find Aether Flame on mobs starting at Level 25! The bosses of Nochsana Training Camp, Fire Temple, Adma, Theobormos Lab, and Taloc's Hollow stole large stocks of Aether. Defeat them and ensure the flame is lit! Important: You can only receive the Flame from Monsters until they are bellow 8 levels difference

Global Aion