Global Aion


Instant level 65 (Optional).
Complete your Ascension quest by following the instructions written on the NPC names.


Step 1: (Level 9) Take "On Your Feet!" from Asak, Finish at Vandar
Step 2: Use the Munin Teleport Scroll you received after completing "On Your Feet!" quest
Step 3: Take the "Ascension" quest from Munin and complete it


Step 1: (Level 9) Take "Sleeping on the Job" from Elpas, Finish at Mires
Step 2: Use the Pernos Teleport Scroll you received after completing "Sleeping on the Job" quest
Step 3: Take the "Ascension" quest from Pernos and complete it

1. Open the blue boxes in your inventory to receive your FREE starter gear.
2. Open Level 65 Bonus Box and Welcome Bonus Box (The boxes will expire after 20 minutes from the moment the player receives it if not opened!)
3. Start upgrading the FREE gear you get from the blue boxes with the augument scrolls, tuning scrolls, enchant stones, felicitous and mana stones you received from the boxes above (The items from the Level 65 Bonus Box and Welcome Bonus Box will expire after 2 hours if not used!)
After arriving in the main city, use the EXP potions in your inventory to hit level 65.
Use the Mateo Teleport Scroll that you get from the Welcome Bonus Box to teleport to Mateo in your main town.
Trade in the Major Ancient Crowns at Aserunerk and receive Soldier Rank 1. Now you can equip your starter gear.

If you have troubles locating Aserunerk, type /where Aserunerk into your chat and it should show you the exact location (He can be found in the Crafting areas in both Sanctum and Pandaemonium near Mateo).
Socket your gear with manastones and enchant it. It is important to do this in your first 24 hours as these items will expire if not used.
To augment your gear you can visit the Augmenting Officer in your main city.

For Elyos, that is Jamatis in the Cloister of Kaisinel.
For Asmodeans, that is Printigel in the Convent of Marchutan.
To unlock your first 6 stigma slots, finish the quest "A Sliver of Darkness" (Eylos) or "No Escaping Destiny" (Asmo).
To unlock your last 6 stigma slots, use the Trixie scrolls in your Special Cube.
You can buy stigmas from the vendors in your main city.
You can also buy the Fortress Stigma Bundle from the AT/Bard vendor 3rd tab as it gives you another stigma for your class.
If you are still missing a certain Stigma stone, try to look for it in Sarpan and Katalam stigma vendors.
The most important currency on this server is the Global Aion Coin (GAC).
It allows you to buy everything you need from Mateo in your main city.
You can obtain GAC via the following activities:

Activity Location Coins Party size Extra Information
Opening chests Tiamaranta Eye 4-12 Any -
Steel Rose Deck (Solo) Katalam 12 1 -
Steel Rose Cargo (Solo) Katalam 16 1 -
Steel Rose Quarters (Solo) Katalam 16 1 -
Danuar Mysticarium (Solo) !!!HOT!!! Katalam 75 1 Need to complete S Rank
Steel Rose Deck (Group) Katalam 36 3 -
Steel Rose Cargo (Group) Katalam 44 3 -
Steel Rose Quarters (Group) Katalam 44 3 -
Ophidian Bridge Katalam 30 2-6 Has 4 Mercenaries NPC
Sauro Supply Base Danaria 48-60 2-6 Has 4 Mercenaries NPC
Lucky Danuar Reliquary Idian Depths 40 2-6 Has 4 Mercenaries NPC
Danuar Sanctuary Idian Depths 45 2-6 Has 5 Mercenaries NPC
Illuminary Obelisk Idian Depths 60 2-6 Has 4 Mercenaries NPC
Miren/Kysis/Krotan Barracks Reshanta 70 6 -
Danuar Reliquary Idian Depths 80 2-6 Has 4 Mercenaries NPC
Tiamat Stronghold Tiamaranta's Eye 100 6 -
Governor Sunayaka Tiamaranta's Eye - 250 -
Berserker Sunayaka Tiamaranta's Eye - 300 -
Infinity Shard Idian Depths 280 12 -
Eternal Bastion Danaria 700 24 -
Arena of Chaos Request Entry UI 4-20 6-8 -
Arena of Harmony Request Entry UI 6-10 3 VS 3 -
Arena of Glory Request Entry UI 20-60 4 -
2v2 Mixed Arena Request Entry UI 4-8 2 VS 2 -
3v3 Mixed Arena Request Entry UI 6-10 3 VS 3 -
4v4 Mixed Arena Request Entry UI 8-12 4 VS 4 -
Daily PvP Rewards - 10-1000 - -
Weekly PvP Rewards - 100-2000 - -

Global Aion Coin can be obtained from the pvp quests players receive automatically in Katalam, Danaria, Abyss and Idian Depths

Global Aion Coin can be obtained from Tiamaranta Eye pvp quests [Service/Daily] A Masquerade of Peace (Elyos) and [Service/Daily] In the Eye of Chaos (Asmo)

Global Aion Coin can be obtained from doing participating to Sieges and killing oposite faction players during Sieges as well as open worls pvp kills in Tiamaranta Eye

In your main city, Mateo will sell you everything you need to improve your character if you bring him GAC (Global Aion Coins).
Ceramium Medals can be obtained from chests in the Tiamaranta Eye.
You can exchange 100 medals for 50 GAC at Mateo.
Ancient Coins can be obtained from monsters in the Idian Depths and Danuar Mysticarium.
1000 AC can be exchanged for 50 GAC.
To access the Idian Depths, you can go to Gamorunerk in Danaria.
One of the most common farming methods is to kill the worms in the two canals located in the Southern part of the map.
Bloodmarks from weekly quests are the fastest way to obtain GAC.
Every Wednesday, try to do the weekly quests in Katalam and Danaria camps.
100 bloodmarks can be exchanged for 50 GAC.
This rewards you with a total of 700 GAC every week.
The Emporium NPC will sell you all sorts of crafting materials as well as manastones for Kinah.
Elyos can buy PvP gear from Victria that can be found in the Protectors Hall in Sanctum beside Mateo.

Asmodeans can buy PvP gear from Nesfir that can be found in the Temple of Artisans area in Sanctum beside Mateo.

The PvP gear there can be bought with AP and Glory Medals.
Glory Medals can be obtained from Battegrounds

- Engulfed Ophidan Bridge (EOB):
* [Win 20 Glory Medals / 3 Tempering Solution - Lose/Draw 15 Glory Medals / 2 Tempering Solution]
- Kamar:
* [Win 40 Glory Medals / 4 Tempering Solution - Lose/Draw 30 Glory Medals / 3 Tempering Solution]
- Iron Wall Warfront (IWW):
* [Win 60 Glory Medals / 6 Tempering Solution - Lose/Draw 50 Glory Medals / 4 Tempering Solution]

Glory Medals can be also bought with GAC at a rate of 50 GAC for 25 Glory medals.

Both factions can buy PvE gear from Mateo in exchange of GAC
By voting or donating on the website, you can obtain Toll which can be exchanged for GAC.
It is recommended to save your Toll for Felicious Socketing as it will guarantee a 100% success rate for manastone socketing.
Blue manastones obtained via Mateo for 100 GAC each should preferably be socketed with Felicious Socketing.
Mythical Felicious Socketing can be bought from Mateo as well using GAC
It is possible to slowly and consistently upgrade your green manastones to blue ones.
You can start with a few green stones and then use 100% socketing for the blue ones.
Once you obtain more and more GAC to afford the remaining blue stones, you can go to a Manastone Remover and replace 1 green stone with 1 blue stone at a time (use Felicious!).
To access Tiamaranta, teleport to Inggison or Gelkmaros, then use the teleporter there to go to Tiamaranta.
You can enter the Tiamaranta Eye by visiting the portals (green for Elyos, blue for Asmodeans).
You can also enter the Tiamaranta Eye by visiting the portals found in Sanctum and Pandaemonium.
Chests in Tiamaranta can be opened with keys obtained from mobs.
Normal mobs will reward you with green and blue keys and Dabra will give you gold keys.
When opening blue and gold chests in the Tiamaranta Eye, you will find l90 and l110 enchantment stones.
These will help you enchant your gear in the early levels.

A common method to enchant mythics is to start with l90 (from blue chests) on the early levels, continue with l110 (from gold chests) for the medium levels and finish the item with l190 (from Mateo) on the high enchantment levels so you can have the best success rates on your way to +15.

Normal Mythic supplements will increase your success rate and can also be bought from Mateo.
Mateo also sells Myhic and Eternal Super Enchantment Sand Vials that has 100% enchant success rate
You can get access to Reshanta by completing the Abyss Entry quest line.
This will come in handy when you attend the fortress sieges in Reshanta.
Sieges can reward you with Global Aion Coins (GAC).
You need Glory Points to advance the ranks in your faction. You can obtain GP by exchanging Abyssal Fractals at Victria or Nesfir
Players also receive Siege PvP Reward Boxes everyday at 11:40 AM server time based on their kills during sieges
Siege PvP Reward Boxes contain GAC, Ancient Crowns and Abyssal Fractals
There are 2 sieges per day and you can check the Events Schedule on the website to see when they start.
Abyssal Fractal can be obtained from Siege PvP Reward Boxes.
Abyssal Fractal can be used Victria (Sanctum) and Nesfir (Pandaemonium) beside Mateo, to gain GP (Glory Points).
All 4.7 AP gear can also be purchased now from Victra (Elyos) or Nesfir (Asmodian) using Glory Medals.
Once you have accumulated enough Kinah, you can buy a Plume to further enhance your stats.
These can be upgraded with Tempering Solutions which are sold by Mateo for 150 GAC.
Tempering Solutions are also a sure drop from the instances listed bellow though they are subjected to roll chance between players

Activity Location Amount Party size
Ophidian Bridge Katalam 2 2-6
Danuar Sanctuary Idian Depths 3 2-6
Sauro Supply Base Danaria 4-6 2-6
Danuar Sanctuary Idian Depths 3 2-6
Lucky Danuar Reliquary Idian Depths 4 2-6
Danuar Reliquary Idian Depths 5 2-6
Illuminary Obelisk Idian Depths 6 2-6
Miren/Kysis/Krotan Barracks Reshanta 4 6
Infinity Shard Idian Depths 8 12
Eternal Bastion Danaria 12 (tradeable) 24

If you're in need of more kinah, you can always slay some mobs around your level.
Killing mobs in the Tiamaranta Eye rewards you with a lot of kinah from direct drops and items sold to NPCs.
Best AP farm its in Reshanta.
Kill the Artifact and Hellfire Artilery Mobs.
Event Global Aion Coins (EGAC) can be obtained by completing Celeste Daily Quests or from specific instances drops.
EGAC can be used to buy fashion,mounts,wings, pets and much more from Trixie.

Activity Location Coins (Normal) Coins (Event) Party size
Danuar Mysticarium Katalam 0 2 1
Steel Rose (Group) Katalam 0 6 3
Void Cube Silona 6 12 6
Abysal Splinter Reshanta 20 40 12
Satra Treasure Hoard Tiamaranta's Eye 6-10 12-20 6
Dragon Lord's Refuge Tiamaranta's Eye 10-20 20-40 12
Ophidian Bridge Katalam 10 20 2-6
Sauro Supply Base Danaria 10-20 20-40 2-6
Lucky Danuar Reliquary Idian Depths 10 20 2-6
Illuminary Obelisk Idian Depths 15 30 2-6
Miren/Kysis/Krotan Barracks Reshanta 10 20 6
Danuar Sanctuary Idian Depths 15 30 2-6
Danuar Reliquary Idian Depths 15 30 2-6
Tiamat Stronghold Tiamaranta's Eye 15 30 6
Governor Sunayaka Tiamaranta's Eye 60 120 6
Berserker Sunayaka Tiamaranta's Eye 70 140 6
Infinity Shard Idian Depths 80 160 12
Eternal Bastion Danaria 200 400 24
Weekly PvP Rewards - 20-400 - -

Lastly, remember that Aion is an MMORPG and is best enjoyed in a group with other adventurers.
Solo activities do exist, but group activities will reward you with a lot of currency so try to make some friends along the way and organize some parties :)
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